Destined to Be

They were meant to be, but for how long?

Daisia Findlay has a crush on her boss, though she’s never had the courage to tell him. Not that Blake would be interested; his type of women were ones who looked nothing like her. Daisia doesn’t dare hope that she will be the one he will fall in love with. 

But when a resentful team member seeks revenge on his co-workers and places them in a dilemma that neither has any control over, Blake finally declares the truth of his feelings.  

And just when she thinks they can finally be together, circumstances take a turn for the worse, and the love that she thought she’d found seems to be somewhat short-lived. 

Are his feelings true? Or was it just a psychological reaction to a traumatic situation?   

The Most Precious Gift
The Most Precious Giftx.jpg

One night of passion led Samyra and Joshua to the decision to marry. Can Samyra now find the love she has been looking for from the man she sees as her knight in shining armour? Will Joshua finally declare his undying love? Find out in Book 6 of the Vision of Love series, THE MOST PRECIOUS GIFT

A Stormy Conception
Unmerited Grace Series
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Shauna Roberts is at a place in her life where she needs more. She wants something more meaningful. She has a deep yearning for a child and prays that God will bless her with the gift of a life, but with the end to her marriage, she isn’t sure that’s a possibility now. On a dark, stormy night, she doesn’t expect to meet Brandon James. A man who is mysterious, that seems to send her emotions out of control. It is a night that’s a turning point in her life, and one she hopes will be for him, too.


Brandon isn’t prepared for Shauna. He is a man of control, organised, everything planned ahead of time, and Shauna is a very pleasant distraction—nothing else. He has no time or inclination for a woman in his life, and as long as Shauna accepts that, there will be no problem. So why can’t he stop thinking of her? Why does it feel as if his disciplined, orderly lifestyle is about to come undone, never to be the same again?

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Mine For Always
Howard Family Series
Mine for Always.jpg

“I am yours, and you are mine...” 


It has always been that way between them, from the very first moment of love.

Kyle thinks his dreams have come true when he marries Faye. But soon they discover that their wants—never mind their needs—are the least of the challenges that lie ahead for them.  Will her love remain his for always?


Find out in Book 3 of the Howard Family Series.


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