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Sherry’s God-given gift allows her to see far beyond the naked eye, just not what He has planned for her.


Throughout Sherry’s life, there was only ever one man. Adrian Chase. She fell deeply, and when they made plans to marry, she thought her life was set.  

Strong in the Lord, she has a gift to see into the spiritual realm. But when unforeseeable, uncontrollable circumstances change the course of their lives, the only man she has ever loved ends up with someone else. 

Years on, plagued with memories of their past, she is left in limbo and has given up the possibility of ever seeing Adrian again.

All it takes is one fateful weekend and one look into his soulful brown eyes to undo the years of work it has taken to bury the pain that now threatens to tear her apart all over again. 


Plagued by her past and the love in her heart, can she move forward with her life? 


God's Perfect Timing Series


Time To Need - Book 1

Time to Need ebook complete -


Fabien is offering Diane a future filled with love, but with her past,

will she ever trust again?



Diane Tyler knows Fabien is everything a woman could ever want in a man.

If men weren’t off her agenda for the foreseeable future, he would be perfect. He’s her best friend’s brother, single—unlike two years ago—and has all the attributes that would have any woman swooning at his feet. 


Despite her best efforts, convincing Fabien that they aren’t meant for one another has become more of a challenge than she bargained for, and just when she thinks she’s safe behind the wall she’s painstakingly built, Diane finds herself being pulled into something she believes she can’t have, leaving her desperately trying to hold on to the pieces of the barrier falling apart around her. 



Fabien Reynolds thought his marriage would bring him everything he wanted—a wife, children, and the perfect home—until he discovered his wife wasn’t the woman he thought. Separated and on the brink of divorce, he finds himself surprisingly drawn to Diane, and it isn’t long before she captures his heart. Now divorced, he has unfinished business, and he isn’t one to shy away from a challenge.


Unfortunately for Fabien, his powers of persuasion don’t seem to be working: the teasing, mischievous woman he’s wanted for so long is no more. Still, despite the defences she tries to raise, he knows it’s love. He wants her in his life and is not going to let her push him away, even though he’s aware she’s hiding something. 


Diane may have her secrets, but Fabien is looking forward to revealing every one of them.


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Missing You For Christmas

On the face of it, everything in Naomi’s life is going well: she is engaged to a multimillionaire and planning the perfect wedding. But she soon discovers her fiancé is not the gentle, caring man he was in the beginning.


After the news of her grandmother’s death, Naomi flees to Chandler County and discovers Tyler Hudson, her attractive, charming neighbour, who opens her eyes and heart to a perspective she never before considered.

With Christmas approaching, she is ready for all the festivities, but she isn’t ready for the nightmare that sweeps through her life.


Tyler’s hope to settle down and start a family are not going to plan—his family’s expectations are a hindrance to what he wants, and his ex-fiancée is not it. When Naomi Shaw turns up next door, he is intrigued, and she gives him a glimpse of what a life with her could mean, but circumstances take a sinister turn, making him question life and God’s promises.

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H0ward Family Series - Book 2


If Only...

What do you do when your heart is breaking because you lose your first love?

Tragic circumstances change the course of Justin’s life.

Lana Howard gives him hope for a future he never thought he would have again. Without her, he is certain he is unable to move forward. But his past, his present, and his imminent future have left him filled with regrets, and he is at the point of despair—is it over?

If only... things were different.

If only... he could turn the clock back.

When Lana meets the mysterious, handsome Justin Stewart, she is captivated by his good looks and charm, but the intrigue is short-lived. Her expectation of men amounts to zero based on past experiences, and as far as she is concerned, Justin is no exception. But in spite of herself, Justin sweeps into Lana’s life and she finds herself slipping into something that she seems unable to get out of.

Will Justin see past his pain and make the right decision for them both?


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For Eternity


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What she thinks will unfold into a passionate affair develops into a friendship that catches her unawares. She knows she is destined to meet Ryan and understands she has a purpose to fulfil—there is no escaping it. Her purpose is eternity, and if this is not fulfilled, his life is in jeopardy.

But she has a past, and one Ryan may not approve of and being a recovering alcoholic, how will she overcome the challenge of Ryan’s old-fashioned ideals?

When you discover your purpose is to save someone’s life, what do you do?


 That is the question Lanya Bowden asks herself when she meets Ryan Chapman.




Ryan has been hurt. He was married to a good woman, or so he thought, until she found someone else. They divorced, and Ryan decided marriage again is not for him—until he meets Lanya. He fights the attraction but finally has to give in. But as always, nothing is ever straightforward, and there are a few ups and downs between them.

He nearly loses his life, twice, in a matter of months. Lanya saves him and makes him question his priorities. He isn’t the type of man that is easily caught, but she captivates him—drawing him down a path that was never a consideration before.

No matter what he does, he can’t get her out of his mind, and when he discovers that Lanya isn’t who she portrays herself to be, in spite of himself, he finds that he can’t stop the pull—the need to have a life with a woman who loves him.


His mother’s words struck a chord within him. Where will God’s plan lead him? Will it be For Eternity? Has he done enough?

The Faith Series 

Faithfully Again - Book 1

After the dramatic end to her marriage, Natasha Bradford tries to move on with her life and overcome the fear of her past.  But she still loves Matthew and prays that he will finally see the truth. Only she has given up all hope of ever being with him again as he has found someone new and she has to cope with the pain of that revelation.


Matthew still loves his wife.  He never got over her, but he will never forgive her infidelity.  She betrayed him, and as a Christian woman she should have been faithful to him. Nevertheless, he has moved on, but God keeps sending him dreams of her.  When he sleeps his spirit is connected to her and no matter how much he wants to remove her from his life, he finds this is impossible.  God will not let him.

Faithful Surrender - Book 2

faithful surrender amazon.jpg

As far as Matthew is concerned, Natasha is his.  He hates to admit it to himself, but he still wants her, although she betrayed him. He feels ashamed but he can’t help his feelings, he loves her, she is his wife, despite the divorce that he’d paid a hefty sum to push through.

He convinces Natasha to move back in with him, and what transpires is more than Matthew had ever anticipated.  But are they really together? Old scars and painful wounds make the transition challenging and circumstances find Matthew torn between doing the Christian thing in honouring his ex-wife, and not hurting his fiancée. 

But it isn’t too long after, when Natasha’s secret is unravelled, that Matthew is confronted with emotions that surpass anything he has ever had to deal with before, and begins to question whether he can give her the love she needs.


But can Natasha now scarred, hurt and resentful, find it within herself to have the faith to surrender?

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Maybe Forever


Mia Hallwood fell in love—literally.


After taking a trip to Thailand on missionary work, Mia is surprised to meet Dr Caleb Daines, the man who saves her life.


Is it possible to hope that maybe this could be forever?



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A Christmas Prayer

Nicole and Martin are separated. Resentments and pain tearing them apart.


Can they heal what’s broken?​​

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Gifted Lovexx.jpg

Gifted Love


Book 1  of  the

 Howard Family Series


Carly and Nathaniel, find love, a hidden love they never before explored. But Carly has a secret. What will Nathaniel’s reaction be once he discovers the truth?

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Dominic Charles fell in love with the woman of his dreams, only it wasn’t to be. Unexpectedly, he had no choice but to leave. Faith was everything to him, and he’s never gotten over her. But now, he wants her back. Will she forgive him and accept that his life has changed? And does he have the faith needed to take a step back, and let God…


Faith Pearson planned to marry the one and only man who had taken her heart, but he left her and married someone else. Now he is back, and she has no intention of having anything more to do with him. Or so she thinks. For a second time God has allowed their paths to cross. Can she find it in her heart to forgive him?

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Maybe Now

The Vision of Love Series

The Prequel


The Vision of Love Series


A Story of Love, Hate and Deceit...

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When Two Love As One - Book 1

Rachel Brenner has sworn off men. She’s happily divorced, closer to God and Love and marriage are not in her remit. As far as she’s concerned, life is complicated enough, even with being a strong Christian, independent businesswoman.

Soon though, she discovers that God has other plans for her life.

David Anderson, with his devastatingly handsome looks and tempting smile wants more, and so it seems does God. But her doubts and fears become her stumbling block, ultimately leading to disobedience and blinding her from the possibilities of when two love as one.

David has been praying for a wife for a while; however, after suffering the pain of his ex-wife’s betrayal, he doubts he will ever trust again. Rachel opens his eyes to a new world of dreams, visions and angels, and a spirituality that he has never before been exposed to. But will his love for Rachel bring about feelings from an unwanted source? A source that has been a thorn in his side for most of his life…

When Two Become One - Book 2

Rachel Brenner never thought she would find a love like this, one that took her breath away. David Anderson makes her feel things she’s never felt before. He steals her heart unexpectedly and she will happily give him anything he desires. Even marriage, the one thing that she said she would never endure again. But it isn’t enough; he wants more, more than she is willing to give. It is a path God wants her on, but she doesn’t know how to overcome the pain of her past. Will David’s love be enough?


David wants marriage and a mother to his children. Although he is an upstanding Christian man, dedicated to the church, the sins of his past could come back to haunt him, through the one and only person he is closest to. And he is afraid that revealing that part of himself could ultimately cause a rift between him and Rachel, and he doesn’t want to lose her. But can he trust her? Trust her to be faithful to him and only him? Not to be taken in by the attention of his rival? And does she love him enough to give him the one thing he promised so long ago?

Committed to Love - Book 3

Sara Mason is looking for love and commitment. Divorced, but ready to take that plunge again, she is on the lookout for a nice Christian man, but her heart has other ideas and finds that Daniel Anderson is a man she cannot resist. But Daniel is not a Christian, and Sara wants marriage. Daniel doesn't. Commitment is not on his list of priorities, and he wants more than she is willing to give.


Daniel is a bachelor used to having his pick of women, but he is somehow drawn to Sara in a way that has him questioning his ideals. His motto—women can't be trusted.

Faced with the prospect of making a choice for God and finally coming to terms with a spirituality that has astounded him for years. Daniel has to put his trust in God and allow him to heal his hurts. Even if it means going against everything he has ever known before.

Resolute Love - Book 4

Daniel Anderson doesn’t trust easily, neither does he want to commit. But try as he might to keep his distance from Sara, he finds himself drawn back to her time and again.


Sara Mason is the type of woman one married—yet love and marriage are something he keeps well away from. Could he re-evaluate his plans? Allow God to lead him down a path he has fought all his life? He isn’t so sure. He doesn’t do relationships, girlfriends—a wife.


Besides, she’s a divorcee with an ex-husband on the scene; he doesn’t want to get involved. As his dreams and visions draw him closer to God, they also draw him closer to Sara, compelling him to make decisions that he never thought possible. But soon after, when he thought his path is finally set, he discovers with certainty that his past is not what it seems.

Howard Family Series

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A Stormy Conception

Shauna Roberts is at a place in her life where she needs more. She wants something more meaningful. She has a deep yearning for a child and prays that God will bless her with the gift of a life, but with the end to her marriage, she isn’t sure that’s a possibility now. On a dark, stormy night, she doesn’t expect to meet Brandon James. A man who is mysterious, that seems to send her emotions out of control. It is a night that’s a turning point in her life, and one she hopes will be for him, too.


Brandon isn’t prepared for Shauna. He is a man of control, organised, everything planned ahead of time, and Shauna is a very pleasant distraction—nothing else. He has no time or inclination for a woman in his life, and as long as Shauna accepts that, there will be no problem. So why can’t he stop thinking of her? Why does it feel as if his disciplined, orderly lifestyle is about to come undone, never to be the same again?

Mine for Always.jpg

Mine For Always

“I am yours, and you are mine...” 


It has always been that way between them, from the very first moment of love.

Kyle thinks his dreams have come true when he marries Faye. But soon they discover that their wants—never mind their needs—are the least of the challenges that lie ahead for them.  Will her love remain his for always? Find out in Book 3 of the Howard Family Series.

When Dillon Mansfield’s attention is captured by an unknown woman hastily making her way through the departures hall of London’s busy airport, he asks himself, what is God’s purpose here?


Natalia Beaumont is totally oblivious of him, so unaware of God’s divine intervention that tests their faith.  Was it the end?  So soon after they had met?

 They are questions that become apparent as fate’s hand makes a shift.


A moment in time, draws them together, and heaven exposes truths that change Natalia’s outlook of life.


Can she be a new person and fulfil the purpose that is revealed to her?


Will Dillon understand the path they must take to get there?

Eternally Yours


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