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About Dionne Grace






I’m a romantic at heart.  I love reading books, which in my early teenage years enhanced my vivid imagination. I would often invent fascinating love stories to entertain my school friends involving famous pop stars.  I used to scribble notes on the back of school books while the teacher’s backs were turned! My friends loved it, and remind me of it to this day!


I love to write and when I’m not writing, I’m reading and I juggle this with my full-time job.  


I write sweet romances, about couples in relationships who have a passion for each other.  Sometimes this passion leads them into situations where they lose themselves, taking them down a path which possibly they should not have gone down or in contrast, through life’s experiences, they reject the love that is offered, not having the faith or forgiveness to trust it. 


My books are intentionally thought provoking, and real life. A message about a discovery of how the scars of life can be healed, no matter how difficult this sometimes seems in this imperfect world. And ultimately, through God’s divine intervention he imparts a revelation of what his purpose was all along.


As you must have guessed, I have a love for God and everything spiritual, I hope this shines through in my books.  


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