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Mine For Always

“I am yours, and you are mine...” 


It has always been that way between them, from the very first moment of love.

Kyle thinks his dreams have come true when he marries Faye. But soon they discover that their wants—never mind their needs—are the least of the challenges that lie ahead for them.  Will her love remain his for always? Find out in Book 3 of the Howard Family Series.




A Stormy Conception

“Sensual Shauna," he whispered.  "You could very well mess up my life...” 


Shauna hates storms. Brandon rescues her one dark night and she sweeps him off his feet, turning his life upside down. He isn’t prepared for Shauna—and he isn’t prepared for the storm she creates within him…


Eternally Yours


When Dillon Mansfield’s attention is captured by an unknown woman hastily making her way through the departures hall of London’s busy airport, he asks himself, what is God’s purpose here?


Natalia Beaumont is totally oblivious of him, so unaware of God’s divine intervention that tests their faith.  Was it the end?  So soon after they had met?

 They are questions that become apparent as fate’s hand makes a shift.


A moment in time, draws them together, and heaven exposes truths that change Natalia’s outlook of life.




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