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The most unexpected gifts can be the biggest blessings



Sienna Harris knows Sebastian Reynolds is the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with, just not yet. She still has her life mapped out and marriage is further down the list. Unfortunately, the day she should have been anxiously anticipating came too soon, and with too many doubts for her to go through with her vows.

Ten months later, amid the heartache she caused, Sienna returns to find that Sebastian has moved on with another woman. Despite the pain she feels at the discovery, she is curious about the woman he has chosen to spend the rest of his life with.


Sebastian is devastated when Sienna walks out on their wedding day and vows that she will never get another opportunity to crush his heart. There won’t be a second chance for her. He has found someone new and he is confident that this path with her will lead to the perfect life he has been striving for.

Little does Sebastian know that Sienna’s return and the gift she’s bearing will change the course of that path forever.



This Time
Eternally Yours


When Dillon Mansfield’s attention is captured by an unknown woman hastily making her way through the departures hall of London’s busy airport, he asks himself, what is God’s purpose here?


Natalia Beaumont is totally oblivious of him, so unaware of God’s divine intervention that tests their faith.  Was it the end?  So soon after they had met?

 They are questions that become apparent as fate’s hand makes a shift.


A moment in time, draws them together, and heaven exposes truths that change Natalia’s outlook of life.



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