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God's Perfect Timing Series

God is always on time.  We have to trust in God and have faith to wait on Him.  When we rush things and fall away from God’s will, mistakes are often made.  Diane, Fabien, Sebastian and Sienna were impatient and frustrated when the desires of their hearts did not happen when they wanted it to. They discovered, as always, that it is in His perfect timing.

Time To Need
Book 1
Time to Need ebook complete -

Fabien is offering Diane a future filled with love, but with her past, will she ever trust again?

Have you ever met someone, and the attraction is instant and it catches you unawares?  Well, that is exactly how it was for Diane and Fabien. They both have their own issues, Diane more than most. But ultimately, this story is about what God, and a good man can do.

Let's hear from Diane and Fabien...

After her painful past, she decides that men and relationships will not play a part in her life.  She will live her life alone, no matter how difficult she finds that prospect. She always wanted marriage and to start a family. That had been the plan. But no more—it wasn’t to be, and she accepts that, despite the fact she often feels lonely and wishes she had someone to love and hold her. And then she met Fabien—it was one night of harmless flirtation, she told herself over and over, yet he never left her thoughts and he drifted into her dreams, making her wish for something so much more...


He hadn’t been prepared for what happened between them, and no matter how much he tried, he hadn’t been able to stop thinking about her­—he just couldn’t get her out of his mind. Their attraction was strong, Diane had captivated him, and made him hope for something he’d never found in another woman.  Two years on, he regrets not exploring the promises they’d made.  They had unfinished business, and he had every intention of continuing on where they left off.

He is a man used to women seeking his attention, and Diane is more of a challenge than he bargained for. Can he learn how to handle a woman whose will and sense of independence outweigh her sense of self?

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Diane Tyler knows Fabien is everything a woman could ever want in a man.
If men weren’t off her agenda for the foreseeable future, he would be perfect. He’s her best friend’s brother, single—unlike two years ago—and has all the attributes that would have any woman swooning at his feet.

Despite her best efforts, convincing Fabien that they aren’t meant for one another has become more of a challenge than she bargained for, and just when she thinks she’s safe behind the wall she’s painstakingly built, Diane finds herself being pulled into something she believes she can’t have, leaving her desperately trying to hold on to the pieces of the barrier falling apart around her.

Fabien Reynolds thought his marriage would bring him everything he wanted—a wife, children, and the perfect home—until he discovered his wife wasn’t the woman he thought. Separated and on the brink of divorce, he finds himself surprisingly drawn to Diane, and it isn’t long before she captures his heart. Now divorced, he has unfinished business, and he isn’t one to shy away from a challenge.

Unfortunately for Fabien, his powers of persuasion don’t seem to be working: the teasing, mischievous woman he’s wanted for so long is no more. Still, despite the defences she tries to raise, he knows it’s love. He wants her in his life and is not going to let her push him away, even though he’s aware she’s hiding something.

Diane may have her secrets, but Fabien is looking forward to revealing every one of them.




















"That should not have happened," she replied, clearly flustered.

"Why not?"  he asked. His voice softened, brushing her cheek with his hand.  He wanted to hold her again and feel the way she trembled in his arms. "You can't deny what's happening between us."

She turned away at his touch.

Fabien sighed and his hands fell away; he knew that if he tried to hold her now, it would make things worse.

"I don't know what's happening, do you?" she answered irritably.

"Well, I know without a doubt that I want you," he said looking deep into her eyes. 

Diane blinked. The intensity in his eyes frightened her, she didn't reply, she didn't know what to say.  How in the world did I get into this situation?  Not knowing what to do, she turned, going back to the house, but Fabien caught her arm again, stopping her.

"Diane," he said softly.  "I always get what I want."

If it had been any other man who had said those words, she would have told him what to do with his wants, but she knew with Fabien—he meant it. She saw it in his eyes. He had a conviction that said anything he put his mind to he would achieve.  She also knew it could very well happen; her only course of action was to put a stop to it now, let him know in no uncertain terms, that there was to be nothing more between them.  Annoyed that she had given in to her emotions, she clenched her fists trying to stop them from shaking and said coolly.  "You seem pretty sure of yourself."

"I know the feeling's mutual and we have unfinished business," he responded smoothly.

"Well, I'm sorry, but you're wrong," she protested, not wanting to admit the truth, but she could tell by the way he was looking at her that he wasn't listening.

He shook his head slowly at her answer, knowing full well she wasn’t telling the truth.  "I intend to have my way," he told her, a small smile touching his lips.

"Well, there's always an exception to every rule, that exception being me."  And with that, Diane walked into the house leaving Fabien staring after her...



Will Diane put aside her fears and trust again?



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