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Unmerited Grace Series


The Unmerited Grace series focuses on God’s unmerited favour and mercy.  Through life we find ourselves caught up in situations that maybe, looking back, we shouldn’t have entered into.  When we are undeserving, God loves us anyway, and His divine grace always shows up—the greatest treasure to behold.  


Shauna, Brandon, Sian and Andrew discover this in their story.  God was there all along and they only needed to stop and let His divine Grace enter in.

Book 1
A Stormy Conception

Divine Grace



Shauna hates storms. Brandon rescues her one dark night and she sweeps him off his feet, turning his life upside down. He isn’t prepared for Shauna—he isn’t prepared for the storm she creates within him...



Shauna Roberts is at a place in her life where she needs more. She wants something more meaningful. She has a deep yearning for a child and prays that God will bless her with the gift of a life, but with the end to her marriage, she isn’t sure that’s a possibility now. On a dark, stormy night, she doesn’t expect to meet Brandon James. A man who is mysterious, that seems to send her emotions out of control. It is a night that’s a turning point in her life, and one she hopes will be for him, too.


Brandon isn’t prepared for Shauna. He is a man of control, organised, everything planned ahead of time, and Shauna is a very pleasant distraction—nothing else. He has no time or inclination for a woman in his life, and as long as Shauna accepts that, there will be no problem. So why can’t he stop thinking of her? Why does it feel as if his disciplined, orderly lifestyle is about to come undone, never to be the same again?





Book 2
A Love Lost

God's Mercies Unfold



Christine never stopped loving Andrew, but he is her past and she isn’t prepared to open old wounds. She has moved on and she wants things to remain that way.


Christine Hamilton has a secret past that she keeps hidden.  She accepts the life God has thrown at her and has moved on, no longer the woman she used to be.  Now eight years on and her past has returned with a vengeance, in the form of Andrew Turner. The problem is, she never stopped loving him.  Her heart just didn’t understand that the past was the past and that she didn’t want to be found.  Now he was back in her life, how in the world could she possibly maintain her well-ordered emotions she had expertly managed to contain? And she wasn’t sure how long she could hide the truth.  What if he recognises her?  What then?


Andrew needs answers.  He is convinced that Christine is the woman who can provide the answers he seeks.   If it means using her to get what he wants then so be it.  His business is at stake and she is the link. But little did he know that she has the answer to the one question that has troubled him for the last eight years.  The question only his ex-wife can answer.


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Unmerited Grace Series 
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