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Dominic fell in love with Faith—the ultimate love affair that ended with her heartbroken and his torn apart.

Now Dominic is back. Can they heal the scars of their past?


Dominic Charles fell in love with the woman of his dreams, only it wasn’t to be. Unexpectedly, he had no choice but to leave. Faith was everything to him, and he’s never gotten over her. But now, he wants her back. Will she forgive him and accept that his life has changed? And does he have the faith needed to take a step back, and let God…


Faith Pearson planned to marry the one and only man who had taken her heart, but he left her and married someone else. Now he is back, and she has no intention of having anything more to do with him. Or so she thinks. For a second time God has allowed their paths to cross. Can she find it in her heart to forgive him?



Maybe Now
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Maybe Forever

Mia Hallwood fell in love—literally.

After taking a trip to Thailand on missionary work, Mia is surprised to meet Dr Caleb Daines, the man who saves her life when he miraculously catches her, protecting her from a fatal fall.

Ordinarily, it would be simple, their love preordained, thousands of miles away from home. But circumstances beyond their control separate them, making her wonder if he really feels the same.

Maybe she imagined the connection between them all those years ago?

Three years on and plagued by sweet memories of her past, she decides to make a choice: should she ignore what her heart has been telling her for years and move on? Or should she continue to hope that maybe this could be forever?



A Christmas Prayer

Nicole Carter is unhappy and alone. She never thought her marriage would end the way it did. But now, she realises belatedly that maybe she is partially to blame. She takes a step back and looks within, and discovers the love she thought had waned is still there—she is still in love with her husband. Unfortunately, her marriage is over, her heart filled with regret. Her Christmas prayer is hope for a new beginning.

Martin works hard to achieve the lifestyle of the rich, but at what cost? He’s lost his family, separated for over a year, and he wants Nicole back. The problem is, a year has been too long and things have changed—he has changed. He needs more from her now. How is he going to balance providing for his family and giving Nicole the love she needs?



For Eternity  

When you discover your purpose is to save someone’s life, what do you do?

That is the question Lanya Bowden asks herself when she meets Ryan Chapman.

What she thinks will unfold into a passionate affair develops into a friendship that catches her unawares. She knows she is destined to meet Ryan and understands she has a purpose to fulfil—there is no escaping it. Her purpose is eternity, and if this is not fulfilled, his life is in jeopardy.
But she has a past, and one Ryan may not approve of and being a recovering alcoholic, how will she overcome the challenge of Ryan’s old-fashioned ideals?

Ryan has been hurt. He was married to a good woman, or so he thought, until she found someone else. They divorced, and Ryan decided marriage again is not for him—until he meets Lanya. He fights the attraction but finally has to give in. But as always, nothing is ever straightforward, and there are a few ups and downs between them.
He nearly loses his life, twice, in a matter of months. Lanya saves him and makes him question his priorities. He isn’t the type of man that is easily caught, but she captivates him—drawing him down a path that was never a consideration before.
No matter what he does, he can’t get her out of his mind, and when he discovers that Lanya isn’t who she portrays herself to be, in spite of himself, he finds that he can’t stop the pull—the need to have a life with a woman who loves him.

His mother’s words struck a chord within him. Where will God’s plan lead him? Will it be For Eternity? Has he done enough?

Missing You For Christmas
Missing You For Christmas  eBookupdated

Tyler is lured in by both Naomi’s beauty and the nightmare that unfolds, but can Naomi give up her big-city ideals for the quiet life in Chandler County?

On the face of it, everything in Naomi’s life is going well: she is engaged to a multimillionaire and planning the perfect wedding. But she soon discovers her fiancé is not the gentle, caring man he was in the beginning.

After the news of her grandmother’s death, Naomi flees to Chandler County and discovers Tyler Hudson, her attractive, charming neighbour, who opens her eyes and heart to a perspective she never before considered.
With Christmas approaching, she is ready for all the festivities, but she isn’t ready for the nightmare that sweeps through her life.

Tyler’s hope to settle down and start a family are not going to plan—his family’s expectations are a hindrance to what he wants, and his ex-fiancée is not it. When Naomi Shaw turns up next door, he is intrigued, and she gives him a glimpse of what a life with her could mean, but circumstances take a sinister turn, making him question life and God’s promises.



Forever In My Heart          
Forever in my Heart ebook complete.jpg

Sherry’s God-given gift allows her to see far beyond the naked eye, just not what He has planned for her.

Throughout Sherry’s life, there was only ever one man. Adrian Chase. She fell deeply, and when they made plans to marry, she thought her life was set.
Strong in the Lord, she has a gift to see into the spiritual realm. But when unforeseeable, uncontrollable circumstances change the course of their lives, the only man she has ever loved ends up with someone else.
Years on, plagued with memories of their past, she is left in limbo and has given up the possibility of ever seeing Adrian again.
All it takes is one fateful weekend and one look into his soulful brown eyes to undo the years of work it has taken to bury the pain that now threatens to tear her apart all over again.

Plagued by her past and the love in her heart, can she move forward with her life?


Destined To Be

They were meant to be, but for how long?

Daisia Findlay has a crush on her boss, though she’s never had the courage to tell him. Not that Blake would be interested; his type of women were ones who looked nothing like her. Daisia doesn’t dare hope that she will be the one he will fall in love with.
But when a resentful team member seeks revenge on his co-workers and places them in a dilemma that neither has any control over, Blake finally declares the truth of his feelings.
And just when she thinks they can finally be together, circumstances take a turn for the worse, and the love that she thought she’d found seems to be somewhat short-lived.
Are his feelings true? Or is this just a psychological reaction to a traumatic situation?

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