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Julia G

Dionne Grace dances me through every emotion imaginable from tears of sadness and happiness to love and laughter with ‘When Two Love As One’ a powerfully spiritual, romantic and mesmerising book. Romance novels have always been my passion and by far this has to be my all-time ultimate favourite! The Christian element was so relevant to me, I adore the spiritual scenes of Angels, so descriptive, it bought tears to my eyes and had me on tender hooks wondering and hoping with anticipation whether Rachel would allow her heart to love and trust again and I found myself tipping hopelessly head over heels in love with David Anderson, my perfect man! Fantastic read! …..Can’t wait for ‘When Two Become One.




Heidi Thompson

Have to say 'when two love as one' kept me so entranced! I couldn't put the book down... fantastic read, I highly recommend it!




This is a thoroughly enjoyable and thought provoking book. May God bless it and may it be fruitful and may you be fruitfully blessed.





I loved reading your book it was escapism for me. It has interesting characters and a really good storyline.  A brilliant Christian romance.



Antonia Greyson

When two love as one is Inspirational! I am recently divorced after a traumatic 3 yrs of marriage, Dionne Grace has given me a light at the end of the tunnel! I found 'When two Love as one' such a comfort, it has given me the push to get back out there and live my life again.... such an Inspirational book and an Inspirational Writer!





An Exceptional Romantic Novel!

When Two Love As One is a treat for fans of Christian Romantic novels.
This book is a good read as I was captivated by the story and was totally absorbed by the characters, particularly David Anderson whom any woman would love to have as the perfect husband. This book kept me in suspense as to whether Rachel would marry David despite her broken past.
I love the spiritual elements of the book regarding angels, dreams and visions which was vividly descriptive and was so beautiful that I was overwhelmed with emotion.
Dionne Grace has created a brilliant inspirational/Christian novel recommended for those who love Christian Romantic fiction with a touch of suspense. I highly recommend it!




Samantha S

When two love as one is a Christian love story that takes you through a roller coaster of emotions that will set your heart alight. The attraction between Rachel and David is both powerful and electrifying. They are two wanting souls who are on fire for God and for each other. Will they, won't they? Are they strong enough to stay true to their faith and not be tempted? These are the questions that you are asking yourself throughout the book. Dionne Grace has the ability to move the readers through every emotion of love, passion, want and need. She tackles every aspect of desire and ensures the reader is left wanting more. The book questions Rachel and David's faith and will resonate with Christian readers every where. A truly inspirational book that is a credit to the author.
Dionne Grace is one to watch!





Thought provoking/Captivating Book

I like this book,because it takes you through an emotional ride. It also helps you to want a stronger relationship with the God. I would recommend this book for women..and men, both singles and married...Christians and non Christians..who are ready to explore further.
The book also opens your eyes to the fact that not all that glitters is gold in Love, not all that is expected is received as there is that rivalry between the flesh and the spirit.
I have rated this 5 star because you hardly find a book so expressive and full of emotions and suspense between the characters, both with Christian views.

Dionne Grace has started well.. Once u start reading... the book, u can't put it down as you are eager to know more...but u gotta go... cos dinner calls. Ah ha ha... then Back to the book again... Lovely. ...




A New Beginning

A wonderful Christian romance that isn't afraid to deal with real life relationship issues. When Two Love as One opens the door to romance between Rachel and David, challenging them to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit, one step at a time. Dionne Grace skillfully brings the characters to life, introducing Rachel who has been hurt and is reluctant to contemplate a relationship and David, a strong Christian man, who wants her as his wife. I thoroughly enjoyed their developing romance. A recommended read.





Very good read the characters drew me in from the start. Looking forward to reading book 2!!



Marie Dayton

This story touched my heart, it opens you eyes to the difficulties that happens with couples who have scars and how this can influence future decisions. The author also shows how much David and Rachel loved God and that was all the more touching.  A recommended read!


























Heidi Thompson

When Two Become One' Dionne Grace ...... Outstanding Read! Another beautifully written spiritual and romantic book by Dionne Grace! My absolute favourite author! ‘I fell hopelessly in love with ‘When Two Become One’ I’ve been on tender hooks waiting for this amazing book to be released after reading ‘When Two Love as One’. Miss Grace takes you into another world, so descriptive that you are visualising each scene like you’re there, feeling every emotional imaginable. I’m totally besotted with both Rachel and David.! I highly recommend this fantastic Inspirational and mesmerising christian book you won’t be able to put it down.!




Antonia Greyson

'When Two become one' Totally entrancing read!
Such an amazing Christian book and an amazing author, Dionne Grace brings this story to life tantalising you with breathtaking scenes of Angels that fill your heart with joy, Dionne Grace has the ability to heal your heart through showing you that loving the Lord and having faith can change your life, I have found great comfort in this book after my marriage breakdown, I am now looking for my David Anderson! And Rachel and David are a match made in heaven.! An entrancing highly recommended read!





Dionne Grace's sequel to 'As Two Love As One' of the Vision of Love series is a pleasing entity for fans of Christian romantic novels.
Thumbs up to this book as it is an enjoyable read with a good storyline which kept me in suspense. Once again I found the spiritual aspect of this book uplifting and heart-warming. Highly recommended.




I enjoyed the suspense and the passion the two love birds

When two become one' enlightens you on the relationships we can all individually have with GOD and each other. I enjoyed the suspense and the passion the two love birds had for ech other but had to subdue so as not to fall in sin. As for me, its a lovely storyline and lets you know that God works in miraculous ways. Not only in Love, but all other things too.
Well done Dionne. More grease to your elbow... Hope to read more of your exciting romantic ( with a christian outlook) books.



Nicole Waters

Such an amazing Christian book and an amazing author, Dionne Grace brings this story to life tantalising you with breathtaking scenes of Angels that fill your heart with joy, Dionne Grace has the ability to heal your heart through showing you that loving the lord and having faith can change your life. I have found great comfort in this book after my marriage breakdown, I am now looking for my David Anderson! And Rachel and David are a match made in heaven. An entrancing highly recommended read!





I have just recently finished when 2 become one. I was totally hooked from the very beginning. Dionne has made these 2 characters very likeable and impressionable, well done! I am now about to download Committed to Love to continue with this lovely series.






























Neera Sawhney

A tender, warmhearted love story of two people who genuinely love each other, but are torn apart by circumstances. One can't help but like Dominic for doing the right thing, and one also empathizes with Faith's sense of hurt and betrayal. Dionne Grace brings them both together again beautifully. A not to be missed book.




Antonia Greyson

Message Dionne Grace! Is my ultimate favourite author! “Maybe now” pulled on my heart strings and had me emotionally gripped, every scene is bought to life like a movie! and Miss Grace has the ability to temp you into that room where the scenes move in front of your eyes! Your heart goes out to both, Dominic for making the right decision which was to impact hard on his heart! While feeling heartbroken for Faith, I desperately wanted her to forgive him. A beautiful Christian amazing enriching book, I couldn’t put it down, a highly recommend read!





What a beautiful tender read, a friend of mine introduced me to Maybe now, telling me I must read it, she couldn't put it down. I couldn't either, a heartfelt true love story which bought tears to my eyes, my heart was pulled between Dominic and Faith, I am a true romantic at heart and this fantastic Christian romance really appealed to me keeping me gripped and left me wanting more!. Dionne Grace is certainly an inspirational talented writer and one to look out for! A massively highly recommended read!































What a cracking read! I highly recommend this book, Spiritually enhancing with a bittersweet story line. What a combination! and what a writer! fantastic, i had so many emotions going on with Carly and Nathaniel ... really happy they finally got together, a child is certainly a gift from God. Looking forward to the next one Miss Grace!





Another beautifully well written Christian love story by Dionne Grace. Carly and Nathaniel had known each other since time began, moving through life dating, but missing true love which was sitting right on their doorsteps. Carly had accepted her lot in life after making a mistake, this scene bought tears to my eyes, the boyfriend rejected her and his unborn child. Fate bought Nathaniel back into her life after a turbulent relationship. The scenes in gifted love are magical and heart warming and pulled at my heart strings with wonderful Christian elements throughout keeping me emotionally gripped! An exceptional rea




Really enjoyed this story, so sweet, I wasn't sure if Nathaniel would commit I was on tender hooks. Loved it.  Recommended read!




Gifted Love is another beautiful short story written by this inspiring author Dionne Grace. Carly and Nathaniel are wonderful characters who find unexpected love on a cruise ship. They take us on a journey and leave the reader willing them to unite as one despite her bombshell!

This novelette is well written and has you hooked from the first page. It is an engaging book and an enjoyable read




Gifted Love was the first taste of author Dionne Grace for me and I was not disappointed. I am hoping for the happy ending for Carly and Nathaniel 


Claudine S

Another win from Dionne Grace! This book kept me riveted from the start eager to learn whether Carly and Nathaniel would get together and what the future holds for them. Can't wait for the next instalment!



5 stars for "Gifted Love". Nat was determined to make Carly his regardless of her condition. Love does conquers all!


























I fell in love with Daniel, he was lovely!  I thoroughly enjoyed this book!  So funny! I laughed out loud in parts.  Loved the angels and visions, such a wonderful book, can't wait for Resolute Love.




My Favourite Author!

Dionne Grace is a sensational author! For me she is my all time favourite, I can never put her books down! She has an absolutely unique writing style which i adore 'Committed to Love' is so beautifully written, i step into another world as soon as i open her books, spiritually romantic, the story lines often make me cry i always fall in love with the characters they are so real, Miss Grace laughs with you ,drys your tears and pricks at your conscience with the spiritual aspects through each scene. I'm Hopelessly in love with Daniel and have been since he was introduced to me through Miss Grace's writing. Daniel is putting up a good fight so he doesn't have to commit, the realisation of his gift and spirituality brought him to reality, I highly recommend this extremely funny, spiritual beautifully written book from Miss Grace, she’s a brilliant author!




Dionne Grace does it again! I absolutely adore her writing. I'm such a big fan 'Committed to Love' is so beautifully written, so spiritual, romantic and extremely funny! I have fallen in love with the characters, the spiritual scenes bought out such emotions in me, sending chills down my spine and tears to my eyes. I so badly wanted Sara and Daniel to get together, what a strong fight he put up, then the realisation of his gift and spirituality brought him to reality, I highly recommend this beautiful story, Can’t wait for more from Miss Grace, she’s a brilliant author!



































My Heart Whispers introduces the lead characters in the Vision of Love series. While their lives were not in good places, Dionne Grace reminds us that God is always in control. He loves us and only wants what is best for us. This prequel sets the scene for the love to follow and the dreams to be fulfilled.

May 2017




Firstly I would like to thank Dionne for allowing me to read 'My Heart Whispers' for free.
Downloaded at 10am finished by 7:30pm. I have experienced all the emotions that love can bring today.
I'm praying for a happy ending between Rachel & David and please let Amy reunite with Daniel.
'When Two Love As One' at the ready..

May 2017



Antonia Greyson

Magnificent! Another magnificent read by Dionne Grace! I could not put this book down! I’m such a massive fan, I’m always on tender hooks waiting for the latest from Miss Grace! ‘My Heart Whispers’ introduces you to 4 beautifully written spiritual short stories introducing you to the back ground of how life was for Rachel, David, Sara and Daniel with their previous partners …What a brilliant privileged look into their troubled life before they met. ‘ My Heart Whispers’ gives you the insight to the character’s lives before they met, walking you through their awful relationships they had endured with their partners and how their faith brought them through to the other side to peace and happiness. ….An exceptionally emotive read, each story bounces you through every emotion imaginable, I have read all Dionne Graces’ books from ‘When two love as one’ to ‘Committed to Love’, I highly recommend ‘ My Heart Whispers’

May 2017



Amy Doyle Daniels

This book explores marriages where one spouse abuses the other be it physically or verbally. It's very eye opening. I love how she had four different couples and showed different circumstances that can happen in a marriage. it shows that even in these situations, God is always with the ones that are abused. she does a very good job of exploring this topic.

Aug 2017



Curt A. Cooper

Sparks your interest in the web of lies and makes you want to know where the lives lead

This is a single book setting up the lives of 4 different couples. Each are separate...or are they? The stories presented here lead you to believe that in some way they might all be interconnected. The following books l'm betting will solve that riddle. Very good descriptions of the characters and surroundings. And the turmoil in relationships where only one is Christian is shown distinctly. The one thing to keep in mind when reading is watch for the flashbacks. They enter subtly. Quick read and does the job of making you want to know the outcome of their lives.



Heidi Thompson
‘My Heart Whispers’ by Dionne Grace
This book certainly hit the spot for me, a generous background insight into how the characters lives were before. 
Four excellently written stories which tell of each of the characters previous lives and what they had to endure from their previous partners, and how this impacted hard upon their relationships. Dionne Grace certainly sets the scene, showing you how each one was hurt and in some cases damaged and scarred by lies and deceit from the people who were supposed to love them. But through their perseverance, faith, and commitment to the Lord brought them through to the other side to enrichment and happiness. A unique and very much talented author, I loved this book! And definitely a highly recommended read!




Dionne Grace displays her inspirational writing by letting us in the INSIGHTFUL lives of the main characters, Rachel, David, Sara and Daniel. I especially enjoyed Daniel and Amy's story, such true Love but not well placed. I wanted to know more ....Also, with the other characters, Dionne gives us an insight of how GOD really looks at the heart and never leaves his own. (Give us more of this DIONNE).
Well done Author DG, your books are getting more and more captivating to read.....
A good and easy read..... A must read.....




Dionne Grace truly captures the imagination and presents an honest of a Christian romantic. You will be enthralled with this page turner.



A move in a new direction? Darker than her previous novels the characters drew me in and once again I thoroughly enjoyed it. A cracking read and highly recommended!


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