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The Vision of Love Series

The Vision of Love series focuses on God’s love and a spirituality that impacts upon us, often without us knowing it, through divine intervention.  God is constantly looking for ways to be involved in our lives and there are instances in life that radiate with His divine hand. Rachel, David, Sara and Daniel discover this throughout their stories, which I hope you will enjoy.

The Prequel
My Heart Whispers

God Has a Plan



The Vision of Love series—the Prequel.  How it all began. Four stories of love, hate and deceit—a snippet of their lives, before their relationships ended.  The scars that formed, that later God healed through his love, which is revealed in the books in the series.



Rachel & Ben—Rachel, suffers years of abuse from her husband, Ben, the adroit lawyer, leading a double life.



David & Karen—David, the strong Christian doctor, his life torn apart by Karen; his selfish wife who has no morals.



Sara & Adam—Sara, the trophy wife, oppressed by her controlling husband, Adam.



Daniel & Amy—Daniel finds love, but is later heartbroken by Amy’s deceit.

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Book 1
When Two Love As One​  

God's Promises Are Fulfilled



Rachel is not interested in another relationship, happily divorced, she’s a stronger woman, closer to God and does not want a repeat of the life she left behind. But David wants more and so does God, making Rachel question her faith and her carefully ordered emotions.  They are good friends, so why complicate things? 


But soon, she discovers there is more to David than he has initially let on, giving her confirmation of what she has always known—men can’t be trusted, it was a lesson she learnt the hard way and she wondered why God would want her to endure that again.  What is he trying to show her?  Ultimately, she knows when all is said and done, her disobedience is something she will have to address.


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Book 2
When Two Become One  

God's Divine Intervention


Rachel Brenner never thought she would find a love like this, one that took her breath away. David Anderson makes her feel things she’s never felt before. He steals her heart unexpectedly and she will happily give him anything he desires. Even marriage, the one thing that she said she would never endure again. But it isn’t enough; he wants more, more than she is willing to give.

It is a path God wants her on, but she doesn’t know how to overcome the pain of her past. Will David’s love be enough?

David wants marriage and a mother to his children. It’s what he needs more than anything. With each passing day, his longing for Rachel is greater, his love for her overwhelming, as he fights the constant battle with his mind and the physical needs of a man who has abstained for two years. He has to convince her to marry him—soon. Make her see what they could have if they were to become one.

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Book 3
Committed To Love

God’s Divine Purpose




Sara Mason is looking for love and commitment.  Divorced, but ready to commit to a nice Christian man who will treat her with love and respect, unlike her ex-husband who wants her back. She is overwhelmed by her feelings for Daniel; he is a man she cannot resist.  But Daniel is not a Christian and Sara wants marriage. Daniel doesn’t. Commitment is not on his list of priorities and he wants more than she is willing to give.



Daniel is a bachelor used to having his pick of women, but he is somehow drawn to Sara in a way that has him questioning his ideals.  His motto—women can’t be trusted.  Sara wants friendship, he doesn’t.  Can he trust her?  She comes with baggage that he normally doesn’t get involved in—a daughter and an ex-husband. More than his busy lifestyle has time for.  Besides, after the pain of his first love why open himself up to further misery?


Faced with the prospect of making a choice for God and finally coming to terms with a spirituality that has astounded him for years.  Daniel has to put his trust in God and allow him to heal his hurts. Even if it means going against everything he has ever known before.

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Book 4
Resolute Love
Resolute Love amazon custom.jpg

Will God Heal His Past?



Daniel doesn’t trust easily, neither does he want to commit. But try as he might to keep his distance from Sara, he finds himself drawn back to her time and again.


Sara is the type of woman one married—yet love and marriage is something he keeps well away from. Could he re-evaluate his plans? Allow God to lead him down a path he has fought all his life? He isn’t so sure.  He doesn’t do relationships, girlfriends—a wife.


Besides, she’s a divorcee with an ex-husband on the scene; he doesn’t want to get involved.  But as his dreams and visions draw him closer to God, they also draw him closer to Sara, compelling him to make decisions that he never thought possible, but soon after, when he thought his path is finally set, he discovers with certainty that his past is not what it seems.

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Book 5
Heaven's Gift

It was one night that changed their lives forever


When Samyra Jefferies is booked as the photographer for an upcoming wedding, the night ends up full of surprises when temptation shows up in the form of Joshua Anderson. And she is somewhat troubled to find that her faith is challenged when he focuses his attention on her.

But after one night of unbridled passion, Samyra decides a relationship with Joshua is something she will never entertain. Except…five months down the line, she has no choice but to consider this again.


“I’m pregnant with Joshua’s baby.”

Samyra’s declaration to a church filled with friends and family changes the course of Joshua’s life.

A confirmed bachelor who fought marriage and commitment now finds himself in a predicament that he sees no way of avoiding. And maybe, he just doesn’t want to.

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Book 6
The Most Precious Gift
The Most Precious Gift Complete Rev.jpg

A marriage of convenience wasn’t the plan, but the gift from above was. Will Joshua be her knight in shining armour?

One night of passion leads Samyra and Joshua to the decision to marry. Not so much for themselves but for the children Samyra is carrying. But just as these two seem headed towards their happy ending, unwanted admirers shake the fragile foundation they have built, leaving them with even more doubts than before.


Pregnant with twins, Samyra not only has to contend with her lack of freedom and independence but must come to terms with the possibility of being trapped in a marriage of convenience, something she must work hard to avoid. Can Samyra find the love she has been looking for from the man she sees as her knight in shining armour?


Once a somewhat defiant bachelor, Joshua is thrown into a tailspin by Samyra. Now a husband and soon-to-be father, he will have to overcome the pain of his past if he wants a fulfilling marriage and life with Samyra and their children. And just when he thinks he has everything under control, he learns that some things are hard to let go of.


Will they both be able to let go of their illusions of control to realise the love that is right in front of them?

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