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The Faith Series



The Faith series focuses on God’s grace and His special way of encouraging us to have faith in Him during those difficult times.  It is only then, when we have faith and know within that God will come through for us that His power and anointing shows up. Natasha and Matthew’s faith is tested, but they discover they only needed to step under God’s divine covering to fully understand the blessings He had for them both. I hope you will enjoy this story.

After Natasha and Matthew’s dramatic end to their marriage, God ensures they find their way back together again.
Book 1
Faithfully Again



Natasha Walker was happy, everything was perfect. Well...maybe not so perfect. She desperately wanted a baby and so did Matthew. After trying to conceive for two years, she knew he blamed her. But she had faith that God would answer their prayers, Matthew only needed to believe that God would grant him what he wanted more than anything—a family. Although they had their heated moments over the “baby topic”, everything else was wonderful and thought she had the life she’d always dreamed of, until Matthew threw her out and divorced her. All her hopes and dreams of a life with the man she loved unconditionally, shattered in one moment.

She was alone, or so she thought, until God gave her a gift. One which filled her with great joy...


Matthew Bradford has strong ideals as to what a wife and a mother to his children should be. Natasha no longer fit that bill and he no longer wanted her in his life. She cheated on him, he saw it with his own eyes and he has no interest in ever having anything further to do with her again. He has moved on and it is time for him to find that perfect wife that seems to be so elusive to him.


Only problem is, he still loves his wife. Now his ex-wife, nevertheless, he still sees her as that, no matter how much he wants her out of his life, he is still drawn to her, still possessive of her and as far as he is concerned, no other man has the right to have what belongs to him. This is compounded by the fact that God continues to fill his mind and heart with dreams of Natasha. In the night hours, when he cannot defend against it, he is faced with a choice. A choice that ultimately, goes against everything he stands for as a man, and one which he does not feel he has the faith to believe in and make. He knows the truth—doesn’t he?

Faithfully Again 
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Book 2
Faithful Surender
Faithful Surrender with gradient.jpg



As far as Matthew is concerned, Natasha is his.  He hates to admit it to himself, but he still wants her, although she betrayed him. He feels ashamed but he can’t help his feelings, he loves her, she is his wife, despite the divorce that he’d paid a hefty sum to push through.



He convinces Natasha to move back in with him, and what transpires is more than Matthew had ever anticipated.  But are they really together? Old scars and painful wounds make the transition challenging and circumstances find Matthew torn between doing the Christian thing in honouring his ex-wife, and not hurting his fiancée. 



But it isn’t too long after, when Natasha’s secret is unravelled, that Matthew is confronted with emotions that surpass anything he has ever had to deal with before, and begins to question whether he can give her the love she needs.


But can Natasha now scarred, hurt and resentful, find it within herself to have the faith to surrender?

Faithful Surrender 
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